“Ross acknowledges that different leaders have different needs and adjusts his perspectives accordingly. Ross is very perceptive of the needs of others and offers well thought out opinions. I find Ross’ experience and calmness to be very helpful when faced with the challenges of being a leader.”


“Ross understands the system needs all the way to the individual needs. His understanding of people and organisations supports the individual leader. He acknowledges the challenges of leadership and is able to assist leaders in this space to improve themselves.”


“Ross has keen insights into building capacity of others. He strives to always do his best to guide other leaders. He seeks support and sharing to maximise work potential. I have a lot to learn from Ross and deeply value his experience and knowledge. Ross is a caring, considerate and passionate educator.”


“Always supportive and creates time to have constructive conversations. Has given ongoing support and encouragement to maintain motivation of work colleagues.”


“You have a non-intrusive approach, which gives a secure and non-threatening environment. I did not feel I was being judged.You were able to provide extra information surrounding the issues at hand and extra literature that enhanced conversation”


“I would like to thank you for your time that you devoted to me. I personally think that the ability to talk things through and hear of others experiences have allowed me to see a different perspective and various different styles.”